Steering and Advisory

Steering and Advisory Committee Members

Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research

Professor Alexander (Alik) Aviram, Scientific Director; Ziva Litvak, Managing Director

Clalit Health Services

Professor Arnon D. Cohen, Head of Quality Measurement and Research Department, Chief Physician’s Office; Tamara Korman, Organizational Business Intelligence, Computing Department; Dr. Nicky Lieberman, Head of Community Medicine; Calanit Kaye, Head of Nursing, Community Medicine; Dr. Margalit Goldfracht, Head of Quality Assurance, Community Medicine; Dr. Mina Rotem, Coordinator of Quality and Risk Management, Community Medicine; Professor Shlomo Vinker, Quality Measurement and Research, Chief Physician’s Office; Professor Chaim Bitterman, Chief Physician

Maccabi Health Services

Dr. Einat Elran, Director of Quality Management; Dr. Erica Cohen Iunger, Deputy Director of Quality Management; Rachel Marom, Director of Information and Office of the CIO, Information Systems and Communication Technology; Guy Levy, Director of National & Maccabi Quality Indicators, Information and Office of the CIO, Information Systems and Communication Technology; Nessia Gordon, Informatics and Data Infrastructure, Quality Management; Dr. Yair Birenboim, Chief Physician

Meuhedet Health Fund

Liora Valinsky, Director of Clinical Quality; Alon Yaffe, CTO, Medical Systems Project Manager; Tzvika Birenboim, Computing and Information Systems; Eyal Arieli, Systems Programmer, BI Department; Dr. David Mossinson, Chief Medical Officer

Leumit Health Fund

Dr. Eran Matz, Director of Community Medicine; Dr. Doron Dushnitzsky, Director of Medical Systems Development; Nirit Peretz, Head of Business Intelligence; Professor Daniel Vardi, Deputy-Director General